Slot Machine Overview – 100 Fortunes

While most individuals would be content with just one fortune, how about we consider the possibility of one hundred? Northern Lights Gaming is an independent game developer that has created a slot machine with an Asian theme. They’ve been developing slots only for Yggdrasil because they don’t have their own platform, but now they’re giving SG Digital a shot. Will people’s willingness to hop ship improve the end result?

The game looks fine and presents an acceptable initial impression, but it lacks the kind of jaw-dropping excitement that new players crave when starting up a title for the first time. The 5 reel, 6 row grid in the context of the traditional Chinese design is the most striking aspect. Old buildings, reminiscent of a rural community, surround the grid; they are decorated with swaying lanterns and Eastern motifs.

If you must use headphones, turn them down before beginning play. If the volume is turned up too high, the game’s opening gong could cause permanent damage to your hearing. After that, it rings sometimes, but for the most part, the game is set to a relaxing Chinese soundtrack taken straight from Asian Slot Themed Greatest Hits Vol. 17.

There are several unexpected symbols in the paytable. Standard J-A royals with a brush style pay scale. The square-holed gold coin, porcelain dish, Ming vase, and waving Maneki-Neko cat are the highest-paying symbols. The game’s logo is the highest paying icon, although even a full house is only worth 3 times the wager. There are 40 paylines available in the standard game, and all symbols require at least three of a kind to payoff. We will see in a moment that that sum is expandable.

It can be played from 10 cents to $500 a spin across all devices, has a 96.20% return to player percentage and a medium variance mathematical model, and has a number of bonuses including a “Pick Me” bonus, a “Yo-Yo Smash” bonus, and two types of free spins.

Slot Machine Features of 100 Fortunes

They could nearly have called the game 100 Features and not been far off the mark because there is a lot to work through. First up is the Yo-Yo Smash Bonus which can be randomly unlocked after each spin. Yo-yos can award one of the following bonuses when they fall from above reels 2, 3, and 4:

Yo-yos swap out random symbols for the company’s logo.

Cascading reels are a type of slot machine in which winning symbols are smashed off the screen and replaced by fresh ones.

In order to activate the Free Spins bonus, the yo-yos must first crush the first wooden layer beneath the rows. If they manage to break through two layers of wood, the Super Free Spins bonus will begin.

The Pick Me bonus is activated by the appearance of two regular scatter symbols. Here, players pick one of the symbols to either reveal a yo-yo cascade feature, 5 free spins, a stake multiplier of 2x-10x, or a win multiplier of 2x-10x.

The Free Spins round is the last one, and it’s complicated by the same factors that affect everything else: the trigger. Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 trigger free spins, whereas scatter symbols on reel 5 only trigger super free spins. Now, Free Spins are activated by three ordinary scatter symbols, while Super Free Spins are activated by two regular scatter symbols and a Super Scatter symbol.

The normal Free Spins bonus round comes with at least 5+ free spins, active yo-yos, and may grow reels to 5×8 size with 75 paylines. The wild bonus occurs when the final free spin ends and all five yo-yos fall to the reels, replacing random symbols with wilds. The frame’s lanterns may also shine brightly in the event of a loss. A wild bonus and a multiplier of x2 for free spin wins is activated if all four lights up. Super Free Spins, on the other hand, have enlarged reels (5×10) with 100 paylines and a guaranteed wild bonus on every spin.

The Final Say on the 100 Fortunes Slot Machine

Sorry to inundate you with yo-yo references; it’s likely you’ve never seen that many in one place before. You can’t get away from them because they play a crucial role and appear at random during the main game and the Free/Super Free Spins bonus round. 100 Fortunes has a lot going on, although a lot of the same material appears multiple times or in slightly different forms. While we found parts of 100 Fortunes to be excessive, we can see how it could be appealing to players who enjoy complex slot games with lots of rules and subtle features.

Your brain might be spinning, like a yo-yo (sorry), after reading the features, but it does make more sense in action. It suggests that there is often something active, but rewards are often on the modest side and not much increased by the modifiers or features. There will be times when the grid is packed with wilds, but even if you manage to get the entire playing area covered in wilds and logos, the most you can win is 120 times your stake with the usual number of rows in play, or 300 times your stake with all 10 rows active. However, when they do, multipliers can be quite useful. The game’s overall slow pace and the gratingly slow animations are further drawbacks.

Overall, 100 Fortunes is a decent-looking slot that seems more complicated than it needs to be to be engaging. Northern Lights has clearly put in the time and effort required to conceive, plan, and implement, as evidenced by the high quality of their game. Fans of Asian culture may like 100 Fortunes because to its abundance of bonus features and very consistent payouts. Others who want more of a heart-pounding thrill ride with tons of potential or who are tired of the Asian setting should search elsewhere.






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